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Registrations have closed. If you have so far failed to register, please contact urgently in order to request special exemption.


Our hosts for LWA Convention (28-29 September) and General Convention of Synod (29 September – 4 October) are Redeemer Lutheran College and Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Rochedale, on the southern outskirts of Brisbane. Both college and congregation communities are enthusiastically working with our LCA and Queensland District planning teams, and we thank God for their willingness to support the wider church with their time and resources.

redeemer-logoVisit Redeemer Lutheran College‘s General Convention page to learn about the college and start to find your way around this wonderful venue.


Your responsibilities

Synod is formally made up of official delegates: two-thirds lay people and one-third pastors. Many visitors also register, but they do not vote and may speak during business sessions only by invitation. The majority of lay delegates are elected by parishes across Australia and New Zealand. Some principals are appointed by Lutheran schools. Pastor delegates are elected by District Pastors Conferences on a quota basis.

Being a lay delegate at General Convention is a significant task, and one that requires prayer and preparation. You must be a voting member of an LCA congregation and over 18 years of age. You must also be prepared to serve as your parish’s delegate for the full synodical term (up to the 2018 General Convention) and, no matter how experienced you are, you are urged to attend a half-day of pre-Convention training at venue near you. This requirement applies also to pastor delegates (more information about this below).

Regarding your voting responsibilities, you will find this guidance from LCA Bishop John Henderson helpful. This is an extract from the official letter to parishes dated 19 September 2014.

With regards to the election of delegates from your parish, I can only encourage you to elect the best possible people. It’s not wise to elect single-issue delegates. For a good Synod we need people who can participate on a wide range of matters. The question of Women and the Call to the Office of the Public Ministry will not be the only matter before us. So the type of person is well established through experience.

Parishes can meet with their delegates to work through issues but should not ‘direct’ their delegates with a ‘how to vote’ card. Otherwise there is no point in having the Synod. So you need to choose delegates you can trust to contribute, consider and finally vote, should we reach that stage on the issue. It is important to avoid trying to ‘stack’ the Synod so that it becomes politically driven rather than a discussion by the people of God under His Word.

Delegates were to be elected and their details entered into LAMP by 31 January 2015. If your congregation has not done this, please attend to this URGENTLY.

How to register delegates in LAMP

Delegate training

Delegate training was conducted across the LCA and LCNZ throughout March by Grassroots Training (Australian Lutheran College). It  covered issues such as: what a Synod is, principles and practice of dialogue, meeting procedures, and the big-ticket items coming up and how they will be managed. The aim was to prepare both experienced and new delegates for active and meaningful participation. We want this to be an engaging, healthy and effective Convention in which delegates are well prepared so that they can contribute fully and effectively.

Delegates who were unable to attend the training are able to access an abbreviated online version of the training. Download the instructions for accessing this training.

Travel and accommodation

You should book your travel and accommodation as soon as possible. Visit the Travel and Accommodation pages for full details.

Business of Convention

To start getting ready for your role at Convention, please visit the Business page.

Convention Dinner

More information on the Convention Dinner page.

More information

Updates for delegates and visitors will be added to this website as they become available. You will be informed of updates via Synod eNews emails, the first of which was sent to delegates on 26 February. (If you are a delegate and did not receive this eNews, contact You will also be added to the LCA eNews email list (if you are not already subscribed), since it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the LCA/NZ and the issues before it.