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Offering to grow leadership

Congregations traditionally send a special offering to the General Convention, which is received by the synod at the closing worship service. This offering is dedicated towards a project of the LCA.

At the Eighteenth General Convention, the closing offering was dedicated to the development of Grow Leadership, a project of the Board for Child, Youth and Family Ministry. This was a gift of $ 21,146.36 from congregations.

Grow Leadership has grown out of the board’s April 2015 national youth forum, as a way to equip and mentor young people for life and future leadership roles within the church. This program is about building sustainable leadership and has been developed for delivery in partnership with districts of the church and with Grassroots Training.

It is hoped that about 20 young people will join this faith adventure and find a sense of vocation from an immersion in Lutheran theology, connection with their own faith communities and mentors from other areas.

Grow Ministries’ Pastor Vaughn Spring will work with districts, congregations and providers in its development.

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