GPC Update 4

GPC Update 4 – Registrations closing!

12 May 2015

Dear pastors

Registration for General Pastors Conference closes at the end of this Friday, 15 May. 

If you plan to attend but have not yet registered, please register immediately. See GPC webpage Update 3 for access to the online registration site and for guidance.

If you know colleagues who may not have registered, please encourage them to do so now.

The online registration process will be removed after 15 May.

Registration will not be available at the conference.

Remember that this is being done so that the conference can be properly planned, with catering and other orders duly placed.

The cost of registration for pastors under current call should be paid by the ministry body you serve. The registration system allows you to print or email an invoice for your treasurer. Please don’t hold up your registration because you are not going to pay online, although that option is available.

If you have any difficulties registering don’t hesitate to email or phone Jayne Welke directly on 08 8267 7342 – she is more than happy to help!

Any appeal for a later registration in exceptional circumstances will need to be accompanied by a letter from your District bishop authorising this, with both the letter and the circumstances emailed to me at

If you are not attending, you may lodge an apology by emailing me at

Please re-read the GPC webpage with its Updates for a fuller picture of the conference and related matters. This includes how you can prepare for the conference, including by prayer.

So let’s pray….  Dear Father, by our Lord’s ascension you have placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church. This amazes us. Please bring us together in General Pastors Conference so we may be refreshed in Christ and in our calling as servants of his word, and so we may serve your church with grace and truth. In his name we pray.  Amen.

Greg Pietsch
Chair – GPC Planning Committee

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